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Handled end-to-end development for the products listed below. This included the creative pitch, product development, project management, instruction writing, illustration art direction and/or creation, photography direction, post-production, the layout of the packaging, book, and component, and testing. I worked cross-functionally with teams such as Production, Sales, and Marketing.

Fashion Forms

Fashion Forms simplified couture design with its 3D paper experience, producing Barbie-sized fashions. I invented a versatile dress form display and developed multiple paper designs and foolproof pattern pieces for fashion designers of any skill level.

WINNER! family fun MAGAZINE top TOYS of 

discovery bottles

Discovery Bottles offer a unique blend of science experiments, problem-solving games, and anxiety-reducing techniques all in one bottle. In collaboration with an industrial designer, I developed two original spill-proof child safety bottles and caps, along with an engaging fish-through-a-hoop game. 

dot jewelry

Dot Jewelry provided over 1600 paper shapes, providing endless creativity. I developed a user-friendly jewelry-making system using pattern cards and my invented tools like the strand holder and dot picker-upper. The process was simple, yet the resulting jewelry pieces exuded a high-end artsy aesthetic.

WINNER! PARENT's Choice Award

Tissue Paper Crafts

Tissue Paper Crafts combined traditional techniques with a modern twist. I introduced a unique project that involved crafting tiny birds using layered tissue paper, custom stencils for realistic flower-making, and a tiny gold gilded cage to display your birds.

WINNER! Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Award

Make and Style Headbands

Make and Style Headbands presented a collection of five distinct headband styles for teens to create. With no hot glue or sewing required, it guaranteed a hassle-free crafting experience. As the creator, I designed custom cotton fabrics, faux furs, and unique headband bases, ensuring the end product met the high standards of teenage fashion.