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April Chorba at photo shoot
Daughter with product

About me

Since my early days growing up in Indiana, creativity has been the driving force in my life. Being the youngest with much older siblings, I often found myself seeking ways to entertain myself. I would lose track of time as I immersed myself in drawing and writing my own books, styling my cherished Barbies, and choreographing dance routines in my bedroom using vintage dance costumes my mom had snagged from the neighbor’s garage sale. These moments taught me that with a little imagination, there were endless possibilities.

In my professional life, I consider myself incredibly fortunate to have pursued a career that wholeheartedly embraces my creative spirit. I have had the privilege of working in diverse industries, including agency work, children’s products, and even the fast-paced tech industry. Throughout my journey, one aspect has set me apart — the constant flow of ideas and solutions that seem to emerge from within me. My mind is consistently swirling with potential, whether I'm brainstorming innovative concepts for a client's campaign, developing original children's products, or devising cutting-edge technological solutions. The thrill of problem-solving and the satisfaction of bringing unique ideas to life fuel my passion for creativity.

In my personal life, I feel incredibly blessed to have found love with my art college sweetheart, who shares my passion for art and creativity. We now share a beautiful life together in Los Angeles, complete with our 5 lb chihuahua guard dog. My most cherished masterpiece is undoubtedly our daughter. Her mere presence serves as a constant inspiration, urging me to continue nurturing my creative spirit and passing it on to the next generation. Whether it’s organizing elaborate birthday celebrations, adorning our home with intricate holiday decorations, or crafting costumes not only for my daughter but also for our beloved fur baby, I relish every opportunity to infuse our lives with a touch of whimsy and magic.


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